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Oct:16th: Infection risks and communal yoga mats

Huffington post look at the possible infection risks from communal yoga mats and gives somne advice on how to reduce possinle infection risks from athletes foot, staphylococuccus skin infections, warts and gastrointestinal infections. Theye say “If you can&;t bring your own mat, a few simple steps can help make sure you don&;t catch something during your next class: 

- Wear yoga socks (which typically have a rubbery material on the bottom to grip the mat so you don&;t slip) to protect your feet. 
- Keep hands and feet well moisturized. Infections, fungus and viruses make their way into your body through cracks both big and small, so those with very dry skin are more susceptible. 
- Ask the studio how they clean their mats. Alcohol-based or other antibacterial cleaners are best, and make sure they let their mats dry completely before they roll them back up. A damp environment is where these organisms like to live, so if you spray the mat down and it&;s still moist when you roll it up, the moisture issue could just get worse."

The article can be found at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/yoga-mats-health-risks_55f2f7f0e4b07....