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Oct 18th : Launch of ‘iNternational Resource for Infection Control’ (iNRIC)

The UK National resource on Infection Control (NRIC) has been relaunched as ‘iNternational Resource for Infection Control’ (iNRIC). The resource is still found at www.nric.org.uk.

The evidence-based NRIC portal has been upgraded and expanded to reach an international audience, in particular, infection prevention and control professionals in Africa, through a joint collaboration with ICAN. iNRIC brings together the best available on-line evidence-based resources on infection prevention and control.

The new website has ‘gone live’ during International Infection Prevention Week 19 – 24 October 2015.  It is aimed at Infection Prevention and Control professionals, trainees and all healthcare staff who require up-to-date evidence-based information in infection prevention and control and the infectious disease domain. It remains freely available to all