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Oct 16th: Breaking the chain of infection - Preventing spread of infections in home and everyday life

To mark the theme of International Infection Prevention week (Oct 16-22) "Breaking the Chain of Infection" IFH has produced a simple learning resource to explain it.   We believe IIPW is a great "not to be missed" opportunity to get this simple concept over to the public (and infection control professionals), who find it quite hard to understand - but forms the essential foundation for understanding effective hygiene in home and everyday life  - and elsewhere. The resource is intended to help people to visualise how infections are spread and how hygiene can break the chain of infection.

Infectious diseases exert a heavy toll on our health and prosperity, but much of this could be prevented through good hygiene. Reducing this burden of infection cannot happen without reducing the spread of harmful microbes in our homes and everyday lives. Preventing infections must be everyone’s responsibility

Every effort has been made to write this material in simple non- technical language, so that it can be understood by everyone.

The resource can be found at http://www.ifh-homehygiene.org/online-learning/breaking-chain-infection-preventing-spread-infections-home-and-everyday-life