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Recommendations for suitable procedure for use in the domestic environment (2001)

The recommendations are a “sister document” to the IFH “Guidelines on home hygiene”. They outline in more detail “how” to achieve hygiene in situations where there is a risk. It contains sections on general hygiene, hand hygiene, personal hygiene, food hygiene and also hygiene in situations where there is more risk. It is anticipated that these recommendations will be continually updated to take account of new research in the area of home hygiene. The objective of this document is to give guidance to doctors, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, community nurses, midwives, health visitors, environmental health officers, teachers of home economics and other healthcare professionals who are involved in advising the public on all aspects of hygiene in their daily lives. Due to the relative lack of scientific data (particularly data from intervention studies) and the consequent difficulties in reaching a consensus expert opinion, the advice in this document is given as a set of “recommendations” supported where possible by the appropriate risk/benefit information. These Recommendations were prepared by the IFH Scientific Advisory Board. The evidence base which was used for their development is summarised in the following IFH review documents: “Hygiene procedures in the home and their effectiveness: a review of the scientific evidence base”. “The effectiveness of hand hygiene procedures in reducing risks of infections in home and community settings including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers”.

Author: Beumer R, Bloomfield SF, Exner M, Fara GM, Nath KJ, Scott E

Download File: IFHrecomends.pdf

Published: 01/12/2001

Publication Type: Care guideline, Best practice

Publisher: IFH