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Module 8 - Developing the right sort of hygiene

Two fundamental questions now need to be answered:

“How can we develop an approach to hygiene, which  reconnects us with the necessary microbial exposures, whilst also protecting us against infectious diseases? “

The answer is  to promote “targeted hygiene”

How do we change public understanding about the difference between “cleanliness” (absence of visible dirt) and “hygiene” (protecting against infectious diseases)

This is a real challenge

What is targeted hygiene?

Targeted hygiene means knowing the “critical points” in the chain of infection transmission, and using hygiene measures at these points to stop  pathogens from spreading further

It makes more  sense if we  know where  harmful microbes (pathogens) start from

  • Pathogens mostly come from people, contaminated food and pets  in the home
  • mostly pathogens use the environment only as the means to spread
  • although some can set up home in places where there is dirt, moisture and warmth.

“Getting rid” of  the germs from our homes is impossible. Hygiene is the  ongoing battle to prevent  harmful microbes from spreading i.e. to break the chain of infection

What are Germs?

When someone talks about germs we usually go “yuck” – but be careful – it’s often used to mean any type of microbe – including the “good guys” – very confusing!