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Module 6 - How can we reverse the trends in chronic inflammatory diseases?

Therapeutic approaches are being investigated, but are as yet at an early stage.

Using probiotics (drinks or foods) to restore exposure depends on identifying the right microbes  

Lifestyle changes which could increase microbial exposure include :

  •   encouraging natural childbirth,
  •   sustained breast feeding,
  •   more physical interaction between siblings,
  •   more sport and other outdoor activities.

Public Health considerations

Relaxing standards  of water, sanitation and hygiene have no guarantee of success and would only serve to increase infectious disease risks.

Encouraging us to abandon cleanliness and hygiene is not the answer to restoring our microbial exposure needs.

Future prospects

With so many factors involved, a single “breakthrough” solution is unlikely. Success will be a slow process, using emerging data to try out new forms of treatment or lifestyle change strategies