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What is this guide about?

This guide sets out to explain current understanding of the relationship between the rise in allergies and other inflammatory diseases, modern lifestyles,  our interaction with our microbial world, and the need to protect against infectious diseases.  It also examines the measures being developed to tackle these issues.

What is the fundamental question?

“How can we develop lifestyles, together with  health policies, which reconnect us with the necessary microbial exposures, whilst also protecting  against infectious diseases?“


This guide has been made as an interactive document – it explains the basic facts in easy to understand language

Who is this guide for?

The guide is helpful for anyone wanting to know more about the ideas around ‘being to clean for our own good’ and the need to protect ourselves from infection

It may be particularly helpful to:

  • community health workers (nurses, health visitors)
  • general practitioners, pharmacists
  • public health specialists
  • health policy makers
  • the professional and consumer media
  • school teachers
  • upper secondary school pupils