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Curtis V


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Assessing the impact of drinking water and sanitation on diarrhoeal disease in low- and middle-income settings: systematic review and meta-regression

Journal article

Wolf J, Prüss-Ustün A, Cumming O, Bartram J, Bonjour S, Cairncross S, Clasen T, Colford JM Jr, Curtis V, De France J, Fewtrell L, Freeman MC, Gordon B, Hunter PR, Jeandron A, Johnston RB, Mäusezahl D, Mathers C, Neira M, Higgins JP


Hygiene and health: systematic review of handwashing practices worldwide and update of health effects

Journal article

Freeman MC, Stocks ME, Cumming O, Jeandron A, Higgins JP, Wolf J, Prüss-Ustün A, Bonjour S, Hunter PR, Fewtrell L, Curtis V


Setting Research Priorities to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity of Childhood Diarrhoeal Disease in the Next 15 Years

Journal article

Wazny K, Zipursky A, Black R, Curtis V, Duggan C.


Hygiene: New Hopes, New Horizons

Journal article

Curtis V, Wolf Schmidt, Stephen Luby, Rocio Florez, Ousmane Touré, Biran A


Disgust as an Adaptive System for Disease Avoidance Behaviour

Journal article

Curtis V, de Barra M, Aunger R


Male commuters in north and south England: risk factors for the presence of faecal bacteria on hands

Journal article

Dodrill L, Schmidt WP, Cobb E, Donachie P, Curtis V, de Barra M


Water, sanitation and hygiene for the prevention of diarrhoea


Cairncross S, Hunt C, Boisson S, Bostoen K, Curtis V, Fung ICH, Schmidt W-P


Water, sanitation and hygiene for the prevention of diarrhoea. International journal of epidemiology.

Journal article

Cairncross S, Hunt C, Boisson S, Bostoen K, Curtis V, Fung IC, Schmidt WP


Formative research on the feasibility of hygiene interventions for influenza control in UK primary schools.

Journal article

Schmidt WP, Wloch C, Biran A, Curtis V, Mangtani P


Commentary: Hand washing for preventing diarrhoea.

Journal article

Luby SP, Curtis V