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Cookson B


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Does Microbicide Use in Consumer Products Promote Antimicrobial Resistance? A Critical Review and Recommendations for a Cohesive Approach to Risk Assessment


Maillard JY, Bloomfield SF, Coelho JR, Collier P, Cookson B, Fanning S, Hill A, Hartemann P, McBain AJ, Oggioni M, Sattar S, Schweizer HP, Threlfall J.


Evaluation of the National Cleanyourhands Campaign to Reduce Staphylococcus Aureus Acteraemia and Clostridium Difficile Infection in Hospitals in England and Wales by Improved Hand Hygiene: Four Year, Prospective, Ecological, Interrupted Time Series Stud

Journal article

Stone SP, Fuller C, Savage J, Cookson B, Hayward A, Cooper B, Duckworth G, Michie S, Murray M, Jeanes A, Roberts J, Teare L, Charlett A


Does microbial resistance or adaptation to biocides create a hazard in infection prevention and control?

Journal article

Meyer B, Cookson B


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA): burden of disease and control challenges in Europe

Journal article

Köck R, Becker K, Cookson B, van Gemert-Pijnen JE, Harbarth S, Kluytmans J, Mielke M, Peters G, Skov RL, Struelens MJ, Tacconelli E, Navarro Torné A, Witte W, Friedrich AW


The effectiveness of hand hygiene procedures, including handwashing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, in reducing the risks of infections in home and community settings

Review, Best practice

IFH Expert Report (Bloomfield SF, Aiello A, Cookson B, O'Boyle C, Larson EL) International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene


MRSA in non-clinical areas of hospitals.

Journal article

Brown NM, Lee SD, Duerden BI, Gillanders SA, Cookson B, Neville L, Jenks P, Catchpole C, Wright P, Spencer RC


A REVIEW - Clinical significance of emergence of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in the hospital environment.

Journal article

Cookson B