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Comparative analysis of Salmonella susceptibility and tolerance to the biocide chlorhexidine identifies a complex cellular defense network

Condell O, Power KA, Händler K, Finn S, Sheridan A, Sergeant K, Renaut J, Burgess CM, Hinton JC, Nally JE, Fanning S

Journal article


Is reduced susceptibility to disinfectants and antiseptics a risk in healthcare settings? A point/counterpoint review

Harbarth S, Tuan Soh S, Horner C, Wilcox MH

Journal article


In vivo evolution of antimicrobial resistance in a series of Staphylococcus aureus patient isolates: the entire picture or a cautionary tale?

Van Hal SJ, Steen JA, Espedido BA, Grimmond SM, Cooper MA, Holden MT, Bentley SD, Gosbell IB, Jensen SO

Journal article


Evaluation of epidemiological cut-off values indicates that biocide resistant subpopulations are uncommon in natural isolates of clinically-relevant microorganisms.

Morrissey I, Oggioni MR, Knight D, Curiao T, Coque T, Kalkanci A, Martinez JL; BIOHYPO Consortium

Journal article


Co-Transfer of Resistance to High Concentrations of Copper and First-Line Antibiotics Among Enterococcus From Different Origins (Humans, Animals, the Environment and Foods) and Clonal Lineages

Silveira E, Freitas AR, Antunes P, Barros M, Campos J, Coque TM, Peixe L, Novais C

Journal article


Special Eurobarometer: Use of Antibiotics Declining in the European Union but Much Work Still Needed

Eurosurveillance Editorial Team

Journal article


Isolation, Pathogenicity and Disinfection of Staphylococcus Aureus Carried by Insects in Two Public Hospitals of Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil

Oliveira PS, Souza SG, Campos GB, da Silva DC, Sousa DS, Araújo SP, Ferreira LP, Santos VM, Amorim AT, Santos AM, Timenetsky J, Cruz MP, Yatsuda R, Marques LM

Journal article


The Use of Machine Learning Methodologies to Analyse Antibiotic and Biocide Susceptibility in Staphylococcus Aureus

Coelho JR, Carriço JA, Knight D, Martínez JL, Morrissey I, Oggioni MR, Freitas AT.

Journal article


Long-Term Fecal Carriage in Infants and Intra-Household Transmission of CTX-M-15-Producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae Following a Nosocomial Outbreak

Löhr IH, Rettedal S, Natås OB, Naseer U, Oymar K, Sundsfjord A

Journal article


Selection for qacA Carriage in CC22, but not CC30, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Bloodstream Infection Isolates During a Successful Institutional Infection Control Programme

Otter JA, Patel A, Cliff PR, Halligan EP, Tosas O, Edgeworth JD

Journal article