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The growing UK epidemic of human campylobacteriosis

This paper reviews the current situation and future needs with regard to Campylobacter infections in the UK. Campylobacter spp are the largest cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in the developed world. The 2009 reporting rates for Scotland and England/Wales show more than 64 000 cases, representing year-on-year rises of 30% and 14%, respectively. Because there is substantial under-reporting, the actual number of cases is likely to be closer to 450 000. Further, about 10% of reported cases are hospitalised. The sequelae of this disease not only include severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea but also, in up to two-thirds of cases, musculoskeletal, joint swelling, or sensory problems and numbness are reported; additionally, Campylobacter spp contribute to 15% of all cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome. This burden places considerable demands on general practice and hospital services, besides the negative health issues for those infected. The Lancet. August 28th 2010;376:665-67

Author: Strachan NJC, Forbes KJ

Published: 28/08/2010

Publication Type: Journal article

Publisher: The Lancet